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I specialize in Diet & Mental Health. But let’s be real, these words carry weight & stigma.

Therapeutically I focus on nourishment, skill building, self awareness and behavior change. Dietarily, I've had the most success following an Ancestral/Ketogenic Lifestyle because scientific evidence continues to reveal that diets low in sugar and (refined) carbohydrates not only contribute to maintaining healthy weight over the long term but also balance hormones. As someone deeply invested in mental health, stable hormones are the means to a healthy brain.

My mission is to make eating and feeling great accessible and delicious. My hope is to inspire others to make dedicated decisions about their wellness. 

Please explore what I have to offer - visit my list of personalized services and see what suits your needs and desires 

~ a l o h a ~



Beginner // Intermediate I & II

Hatha, Vinyasa, Astanga, Restorative, Meditation


Individuals, Couples, Mom & Baby, Eating Disorders

We all need a sounding board. Someone to talk to. Someone to push us - to take us to uncomfortable places. To help broaden our perspective. Therapy is for everyone. Not just "the broken."


Start meeting your health & wellness goals

We are often in our own way. Cultivate simplicity, establish ease. I can help you.