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What comes to mind when you hear the words, Therapeutic Eating?

Eating therapeutically is not just a way of eating that heals the body - but a way of tapping the mind and getting the whole person involved. TE is a fusion of intuitive eating & the therapeutic process.


It's the process by which we embrace how to nourish ourselves by way of aligning our Intentions with our Actions. 

It begins by committing to a sensation - a decision to feel good - a response to our internal world - and choosing from there where and how to navigate. 

Therapeutic Eating is a map. To navigate is to use our innate, inborn, natural compass-ion. It utilizes self inquiry and curiosity to monitor our states of being. It begs us to divorce from diet culture and recommit to your souls' true beckoning. 

Therapeutic Eating is a skill we all have the opportunity to hone - and I'm here to assist in that process.  

A couple things to consider as you ponder this work: ​

  • we are inundated with diets as its the culture that we live in


  • you might have a very good idea of what to eat, but you're not sure how to


  • you want to forgo the impulse to "diet" because you're already confused about what's right/wrong, good/bad about certain foods (*hint, there is no such thing)


  • you're interested in intuitive eating but unsure of the process


  • you are vested in your health, healing, wellness and overall joy - knowing that what we eat is part in parcel of the whole process


  • wanting to feel worthy, like you're enough


  • you want to both look and feel your best, not what is expected of you


  • you want to slow down, honor and release negative self talk about yourself, your body, your choices and your overall image

I've designed Therapeutic Eating as a means to target those well wishes. Who we are is *not what we eat (in entirety) and yet, what we eat will always, and forever, be important. So rather than separate the two, my work is to meld the two, make them one and synchronize our human ambition to know ourselves, to love ourselves and to do so with radical unabashed bravery.