Therapeutic Eating teaches us to align our Intentions with our Actions. 

We learn how to navigate using our compass-ion and commit to feeling good - knowing there's no greater way of attracting what it is that we want.

Therapeutic Eating is a map. By using this map we cultivate what I call gut consciousness.

A couple things to consider as you ponder this work: ​

  • y

    ou have been inundated with diet culture

  • you've learned what's good/bad/wrong/right about food and eating only to discover it has made you feel LESS connected to your body


  • you want to eat intuitively but have no gauge on how and where to start


  • you are incredibly devoted to living your best life and want an improved relationship with your body

  • you recognize you've probably lost a sense of trust, somewhere and wish to reclaim it

  • you want to honor and release negative self talk and improve your sense of worth, agency & narrative

My work is to meld intentions with actions, make them one and synchronize our human ambition to know ourselves, to love ourselves and to do so with radical unabashed bravery. 


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