A message to women

We women are mysterious. 

No two days in our month long cycle are the same - and by month long I mean anywhere from 21-35 days. We are all so very different and that is quite possibly what makes us so damn amazing. 

Why we ever swayed from our own instincts and natural biological rhythms, I don't know. We are square pegs forcing and shoving ourselves into round male dominant holes (hey! I thought we were the ones with the round holes - shouldn't it be the other way around??). What I do know is that we are learning - not just to listen to our bodies because whether we like it or not our bodies will always indicate whether we are listening or not - but to our biology. 

A woman's cycle is a road map. 

Though perceived as an unwelcome guest, our cycles are truly visitors who hold so much valuable information into why we feel the way we feel, why we have the energy we have, why we crave what we crave and why we have tolerance for unnecessary bull-shit and why we don't. I don't know about you but I want to hold this key.

I lived 10 whole years without a period. I was prescribed the pill and told I'd never conceive a child. I was told unless I give myself a false period every month that I'd have osteoporosis (I was 17). 

The short version of this story is that when I finally began menstruating again (at 28) and being an observer of my body's cues, signals and my responses to them - the better I got. It wasn't until my hormones were honored, comforted, and adhered to, that I finally began healing. Listening to my biology is what, in turn, led me to recover from the compulsion to overeat and the guilt that resulted afterward. Therapy was also invaluable.  

I am not just better because of it - all women will be better because of it and I brave it to say that once the world catches on, it too will be better because of it. 

Consider reading these two books I provide links to down below and follow the simple guidelines I've outlined. I will be publishing an 8 page PDF you can download very soon here and keep on your desktop to access every day so you can feel more reassured that your magnificent body, rather than mysterious, is figure-out-able and not just that, but a truly wonderful gift - period and all!



Your body's secret weapon - Your key to to balanced eating


days 1-7

Focus on blood building foods. Water rich fruits and vegetables. Kale, kelp, wakame, mushrooms, water chesnuts, beets, artichoke, broccoli, carrot, green beans, zucchini. Include antioxidant rich smoothies. 
*You may be craving: Chocolate. Enjoy it! Try and stick to dark chocolate that is also dairy free to minimize dairy related hormonal breakouts. You're probably feeling a mix bag of emotions - both relief and fatigue. Lay low. Recline. Read and nurture yourself.


days 8-15

Focus on foods that metabolize estrogen. Sprouted and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi etc. Opt for dark leafy greens. Add vitamin C to help absorb iron. Nuts & seeds. Emphasize light, fresh & coloful foods. You're likely feeling energized and motivated! This is a great time to recommit, make plans and eat healthy because it's so much easier to navigate your motivations during this phase.
*You may be craving: Healthy foods! Relish in your favorite nourishing dishes! We retain much less water during the follicular phase which contributes to feeling better. Enjoy your resilience.


days 15-21

Estrogen spikes = support your liver. Whole fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds. Focus on fiber rich veggies. Brussel sprouts, chard, dandelion greens, okra, spinach, asparagus, escarole, scallions. Plus antioxidant rich fruits such as raspberries, strawberries & coconut increase glutathione and support the liver to detoxify rising hormones. 
*You may be craving: SALT & SEX...and maybe sushi, chips, popcorn. Try getting sodium through mineral rich crystal salts and whole foods. This is a good time to cook from home and avoid eating out. Increase protein and reduce refined carbohydrates if you're feeling sluggish. (oh....and indulge in some safe intimacy with your lover. Just be careful because you're highly fertile during this phase unless you're looking to conceive).


days 22-28/35* depending on the length of your cycle

Estrogen & Progesterone rise and fall. It's good to eat foods that contain serotonin such as leafy greens & protein. Magnesium rich foods are also helpful such as dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds & spinach. Choose foods rich in B Vitamins, calcium & fiber to reduce sugar cravings, mitigate fluid retention & promote flushing of the hormones. Include cauliflower, collard greens, daikon, onion, parsnip, radish, squash, sweet potato. Sip on peppermint tea & low sugar smoothies

*You may be craving: Coffee, chocolate, steak. Eating during this week is usually hormonal eating and not emotional eating. Try Matcha tea, dark chocolate, grass fed meat & chlorophyll. If this time of the month is particularly difficult for you, aim to intentionally limit/reduce refined carbohydrates and sugar while focusing on healthy fats and protein.


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