Most of us are trying to improve our relationship to food. Because it is after all, a relationship. But I have this hunch that what we're really hoping to do is improve our relationship to ourselves. And furthermore, our connection to our purpose.

Food has done all of this for me - I call my inside out approach to healing. I've started from a cellular level and slowly worked my way out toward my skin (which is why I dedicate a page to my favorite skincare brand). My positive relationship with food has influenced my direction and it has lead me here. I want to be a place you come, a door you knock on and a chair for you to sit down.


I wish to offer you a revolving website that inspires a sense of creativity as much as a taste for wholesomeness, to help you become more resourceful, to ignite the inner creator in you and remind you that in order to eat well we need not buy into fancy fads, to "drink" our meals, buy special equipment or expensive health supplements. You won't always have a blender or a freezer to rely on, but you'll always have yourself.


To nix the rules but honor tradition. To give you an array of options because this isn't a one way street. I intend on bringing your senses back to nature, all of them, so we can realize the importance of staying connected.


I want to get to the point.  I want to help empower you to sit down, take a breath, enjoy food if for some reason it has become a hassle, a chore, or a burden to focus on one thing. I hope to rekindle your relationship so that life outside the kitchen can be just as enriching.


I tend to rebel with recipes so I don't follow them however for ease and understanding I include them here. I want to give you your wings more than anything. If you want to cook and eat well you need to trust. Trust you will have to cultivate on your own but I can certainly offer you a reason to practice. Because that's what it takes.



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