A few breakfast bowls to boot

Aloha dear - welcome.

A couple breakfast bowls I figured you'd appreciate.

The speckled green goddess.

She's a beaut isn't she. Specks of green. Flakes of white. Chunks of heaven. I get it. You will too:

3 frozen bananas - broken in 3rds or in 1/2

2 handfuls of fresh or frozen spinach - I buy the huge bags of spinach from Costco and freeze them

2-3 Chlorella tablets

Cover with almond milk - use tamper if necessary or stop the blender, stir, then restart working your way up to the highest setting til smooth and creamy

Top with hemp seeds & Lily's chocolate chips (or your favorite chocolate chips) - I like Lily's because they're vegan and sugar free.

*Why chlorella?

in short - a single-celled, green freshwater algae. It helps to bind to heavy metals and aids in detoxification. Also, chlorella enhances the immune system. Something we can all benefit from right about now...

The simple Chia-Mama.

I used Forager Cashew Milk unsweetened Yogurt and mixed in 1 packet of stevia - raw honey would be divine too - and a couple spoonfuls of chia seed. Stirred and mixed it around a bit and let it "set" for a minute or too.

Topped with Banana, chopped organic Apple & raw Walnuts. Simple. Easy. Delicious.

When It's Blue but You Can't See It - Bowl.

This one might have been my favorite -

2-3 frozen bananas

roughly 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

3 Chlorella tablets

3 handfuls of frozen spinach (again, you can use fresh I just purchase mine in bulk and freeze so it will stay "fresh" and not go to waste)

Topped with almond milk

Blend - mix - blend again - tamper if necessary without adding too much almond milk which helps to maintain it's creamy ice cream like texture.

Top with walnuts and chocolate chips.

Hope this finds you well - feeling as delicious as you are nourished - and if not stay tuned for more updates on Therapeutic Eating and how the journey can unfold for you too.

xoxo kT

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