Adrenal Fatigue - tired, heavy, craving, irritable, emotional, achey. Ya.

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

That mysterious all encompassing "I don't feel good" feeling - the blame rushes in, the guilt rushes in, the insecurity rushes in. The 'It's not you it's me feeling' rushes in. The I JUST CAN'T feeling...

Adrenal Fatigue.

Happens to the best of us. I promise. Along with every well intended person and their well intended lifestyle comes the not so well intended overkill. Yes. You can over-do your well intended ways.

I've had it twice.

I may have it again (because who learns their lesson the first or second time)

Thankfully I know what to do and I certainly know how to prevent it - you will too - adrenal fatigue is like the modern day common cold. Often caused by stress and factors outside of our seeming control. Though I'm here writing this to remind you of what is within your control and what you can do today. If you're feeling yucky and you know there is something you can do to regain your strength and stamina this one's for you.

How to reset:


nix the coffee and replace with Matcha Tea, Yerba Mate or plain black or herbal tea if you can bare without the caffeine - there is something about coffee (love it so) that burns out adrenals because it send cortisol (stress hormone) into overdrive. If you're already leading a high stress life with work, family, travel and exercise - your body is already stressed and doesn't need more. I love coffee as much as the next gal but comm'on, Matcha Tea is actually a pretty stellar replacement. The take home message: replace the highly stimulating, adrenal wasting source of your troubles and drink Matcha/Mate instead. You'll get the stimulation/caffeine but just less of it and wind up balancing your body rather than tipping the scale. Take my word for it.

I love ITO-EN Matcha. For the price and taste. It's the most balanced of matcha's I've tasted so far. It's a whole $10 more expensive from Costco so it's worth buying from Amazon if you're a prime member.

As for Yerba Mate - I use CRUZ de MALTA for the price it's a massive quantity but if you're going to drink it daily it's a great value. Straight from Argentina...maybe with a few layovers.

Did you like how I didn't say - don't drink caffeine? But simply to nix the coffee...ya, you're on the road to wellness baby.


nix the exercise. And that's me saying that. I know. But take a few days off. Just a few. Be very intentional about rest. Go to bed by 10pm. Wake up an hour later if that's possible. If you're anything like me you burn the candle at both ends. You stay up late and wake up early. You prioritize your workouts and feel they're doing your body good - and they are - but a tired body is a tired body is a tired body. Rest. Do it.

Do it.


eat. Like snack eat. Aka, don't fast. I like to go 6-7 hours between eating windows like the next Keto-lifestyle blogger. But eating while I am healing from adrenal fatigue is really crucial. So don't skip breakfast. Don't skip lunch. Eat when you're hungry and craving something - I notice I usually crave salty things when my adrenals are weak. Eat dinner. Maybe have another snack before bed. My typical day looks like this when I'm healing from AF:

Wake up 5/5:45


Matcha Latte (made with 1:1 milkadamia milk & water, Laird's superfood unsweetened creamer, erythritol & a Tbsp matcha powder)

3 slices of Base Culture bread with tahini or my Tahini concoction below *see caption

Bison stir-fry with Kale & Pesto *see post

Steamed veggies with protein & dressing. Something basic might be steamed brussel sprouts with a can of salmon and dressed with sesame-ginger dressing. Simple, uncomplicated.

Bed by 10:30

*the point is to focus on fat & protein, caffeine alternatives, no sugar, rest and renewal. This is an awesome time to not only catch up on sleep but meditate and open your channel to inspiration!


Guess what? You're gonna want to cave on day 1. You're going to want to swing by the store, grab chocolate, anything, sugar, coffee - anything - to stave off the not- good- feeling. You're healing though and your body is restoring. Open the container of your mind and pour in some patience. If you can get through day 1 & 2 you can get through anything. When you're craving something you know is unhealthy (chips, candy, caffeine) think of alternatives that are better for you. Ask your healing self what he/she really wants and needs: chips you say? Okay - go grab an alternative to potato and tortilla chips. Look for something made with coconut oil rather than sunflower oil (which is inflammatory and the last thing your adrenals need). I love The Real Coconut chips made with coconut flour. They're my STEEZ! What if you're craving chocolate? How about coffee? Consider a protein shake made with Naked Pea protein powder. Add stevia or erythritol to sweeten, use berries for antioxidants and a low glycemic fruity kick. Skip the super sweet fruits like banana, pineapple and mango and opt for blood balancing foods like protein, fat and low sugar fruits and veggies.

Liver Tonic

Tahini Liver Tonic:

3 Tbsp chia seed,

1 tsp spirulina,

1/2 tsp cinnamon,

1 packet or 1/2 tsp stevia,

2 scoops of activated charcoal (the equivalent of 2 capsules if that's all you have)

~ mix

~ then stir in 2 heaping Tbsp of Tahini.

Stir well to incorporate.

Eat with a spoon.

And when you're tired and have kids?


Take them to the park and let them go wild.

Love yourself. Cuz while everyone else takes .002 seconds to find a thousand reasons to say you're worth it, awesome, forgiven and wanted...there's no more important person to actually believe it than you. Show it, say it, embrace it.

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