Breakfast with Base Culture

Once again, BASE CULTURE making an appearance. Have I mentioned enough how much I love this company. Base Culture is one of those companies you think to yourself - damn - why did I come up with that! They took a combination of eggs, almond butter and coconut flour and dreamed up a KETO/paleo style bread that is low in net carbohydrates and still stands up like most breads. You have to hand it to these guys....

A simple weekday quick breakfast of champs:

2 slices of base culture bread

PB2 foods peanut butter powder *sugar free - mix 2 Tbsp of powder with 2-3 Tbsp water and mix

Pour/spread over your bread

Top with cinnamon & walnuts

Sip on whatever warm bevy you love along with it and go have an awesome day xo

As for this version:

2 slices of Base Culture Bread

A drizzle of Tahini

A sprinkle of frozen blueberries

A sprinkle of stevia

A dash of cinnamon

...and go!

#baseculture #paleo #keto #ketobread #lowcarb #nosugar #lowcarblife #healthybread #breakfast

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