Cabbage Soup - for the soul - and for Renewal

Updated: Jan 12

Cabbage soup is a roots thing. For me, it's the thing that brings me back to baseline. After a strange beginning to 2020 - in all honesty I felt like I was spinning out, quite literally in my morning meditations - and I knew I needed a reset. This was it. (feel free to scroll to the bottom of this post and click on my Cabbage Soup Reset).

Cabbage soup is something my sister taught me to make because she used it for seasonal cleanses and resets. The first time I did the cleanse was in college and I was amazed - I felt so clean and so good and so...New. Since my college days I've made it a handful of times but never the same. Each pot is different - but the intention never changes. Cabbage soup, the metaphor....So cheers to a new start because if one thing is true about you, me and this wild ride of life, beginning again is a virtue and a blessing. Enjoy

Method & Ingredients:

*cabbage soup is a hodgepodge. There is no rhyme or reason, which is probably why I continue to make it. It requires very few rules and it's also very forgiving.

1 head of cabbage

1 large zucchini

1 daikon - peeled

10 cherry tomatoes or 1 can of stewed tomatoes

2 small onions or 1 large

3 large cloves of garlic

Sea salt

Seasoning Blend



Chop all your veggies and place into the Instant Pot. Sprinkle with sea salt and a heavy handed dash of No-Salt Seasoning Blend - I use Kirkland brand because it's loaded with super fun ingredients like orange peal, garlic and oregano and I don't have to think about what flavors I'm trying to focus on - I get them all!

Carefully pour 2 cups of water over the top of your veggies and set the Instant Pot to 10 minutes on high pressure. The pot will take a moment to warm up and the pressure cook then take a few more minutes to release it's steam.

Ladle your soup into a bowl and add a little Tamari and serve.

*you need to be very careful around the steam valve. If for any reason the contents of your pot are done cooking and you don't want to wait for the steam to release, what I do is grab a dish towel folded over several times and place it over the valve and turn it to vent. Then carefully remove my hand/towel and *stand back* the steam will release forcefully and it's important not to be standing close by. Sounds dangerous but once you've done it enough times it's no biggie. Just make sure your kiddos are elsewhere. The instant pot really is priceless and I only recommend doing this if you're in a pinch otherwise just let the pot do it's thing and it'll release slowly on its own.

Why cabbage soup?

Mind you - this isn't the cabbage soup diet - which is different and focuses on severe calorie restriction. I am creating a PDF that will explain the kind of cleanse I go on when I do make Cabbage Soup, it's similar but different. I'm excited to offer that to you so please stay tuned.

Cabbage soup, however, is a very clean, very simple and very low in calorie meal that will help to replace other high calorie foods you may have been choosing when you realized you needed a reboot. Again, this is a reset, not a diet. Snacking on raw vegetables and low glycemic fruits is a great way to stave off hunger and for my version, I incorporate nuts/seeds/butternut squash and grass fed beef not to mention my morning matcha. This is because I am not a proponent of strict fasting or restriction. This is a reset where you do eat and you even happen to eat a lot - just a lot of different, very clean foods that feel good and do your body well. See below. And as always, xoxo


For the instant pot I use click this photo:

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