Coco - Pea - Hemp balls

These are simple, sugar free, pop in your mouth easy - plus they're equally filling and light enough so you don't feel like you've eaten a fat bomb but you nourished your hankering for someone unctuous and sweet. For an added luxury, enjoy while sipping on a Matcha Latte or your favorite warm bevy.

Method & Ingredients:

1/4 cup coconut flour

2 Tbsp PB2 peanut powder (I use the unsweetened version)

1 Tbsp hemp seeds

~mix to combine then add,

3 Tbsp Milkadamia nut milk (or your favorite alternative milk)

2 Tbsp Lakanto Maple Syrup (this is a Keto version/sugar free alternative to maple syrup feel free to swap it out for regular maple syrup)

~ mix into a thick dough and eat by the spoonful or scoop using a mini ice cream scooper

Yes, that is accurate. I absolutely need a manicure.

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