Dairy/Sugar Free No-churn Ice Cream

This will be short and sweet because if you’re like me when it comes to these kinda posts - you came for 1 thing and 1 thing only! 👇🏽

12 oz of frozen coconut milk - mostly thawed. I buy this at our local supermarkets here in Hawaii (Foodland or Safeway carries them) but if you have a good alternative where you live go for it! Use full fat whatever you do.

2 heaping Tbsp Tahini

2 Tbsp vanilla extract

2 scoops (provided in the container - or equivalent) of stevia leaf

*optional* a few dashes of cinnamon

~ Blend all these ingredients. Don’t substitute (and if u do it’s not my fault 😆). Freeze for 2-4 hours or overnight. Allow to thaw 5-10 minutes until a spoon or scoop glides easily into the mix. Enjoy - this is a great base for other add-ins.


#nicecream #ketoicecream #sugarfreedessert #paleotreats

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