Egg in a hole with Base Culture

Discovering Base Culture was like discovering the NEXT BEST THING. If you're living a low carb/low sugar Paleo or KETO lifestyle, this bread is a must. You know what...doesn't matter what kind of lifestyle you're leading. If it's a healthy one, this bread deserves a place in your fridge. It's basically made with eggs, almond butter and coconut flour. It tastes delicious toasted and is an excellent vessel for my all time childhood favorite breakfast - Egg in a Hole.


Heat a nonstick pan, spray with cooking spray (I like using Spectrum Coconut Oil Spray)

On a cutting board, use a small round cup or cylinder with a fine rim and cut out a circle

Place the bread on your pan, heated to medium high

Crack an egg in each piece of bread you use - don't forget to toast the cut-outs of the bread!

Allow to cook for a minute or so and flip carefully

Cook to desired consistency - I like my eggs medium, slightly runny but more or less kept "together"

Place your egg in a hole on a plate to cool down and drizzle a bit of coconut oil on the same pan and drop a few handfuls of fresh arugula onto it

Sprinkle with salt and allow to sauté

Serve together - yum! Enjoy

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