Feeding the Finicky

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Bear's Purple Smoothie

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen berries

1 raw egg

1 tsp MCT oil or regular coconut oil

handful of spinach

1 tsp raw honey (sometimes not always, doesn't make a big difference either way - he drinks it!)

cover in Milkadamia Milk - or any alternative mill


Kids can be finicky. They can be picky. They can be stubborn. But they can also be easy to please. So while you're not too busy concocting your next smoothie and how you'll make it secretively healthy, try these few simple foods:

- pancakes made with coconut and almond flour - Birchbenders makes a great paleo mix that doesn't send blood sugar through the roof and will stabilize your kiddos' energy

- muffins - from fruits to veggies to eggs to omega 3 nuts and seeds, there's a lot you can bake into a muffin that will taste great and they'll never know it's loaded with veggies

- bacon and eggs

- raw nuts

- seaweed

- apple slices with almond butter

- cauliflower rice with butter and salt with added cheese or nutritional yeast

- fresh berries

- tuna salad (without onion) with pickles or a little sauerkraut added

- meatballs using a combination of ground pork and beef, simple seasonings, a little almond flour, egg and either sauteed in avocado oil or baked

- pork rinds. My kids eat these and I make sure not to tell them what they are...because even though kids eat weird things, pork rinds are too weird

- avocado and grain free chips (otherwise I let them eat tortilla chips)

- salmon - either smoked or in a salad with mayo

* I will update this list as often as I can

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