How I healed my skin

Well. Here you have it. The other side of my already vulnerable side. The raw and real. The flaw-filled-not-so-proud-why-me side...but also my proud side, my diligent side, the side of me that wouldn't give up at nothing in search for - mind you, being open to - the solution. After years of using clinical skincare I finally made enough mental notes and had enough experience under my belt to know what worked well, not so well and what did - finally.

This is it. All of it. The step by step process. The wash rinse repeat. The "roo" as my brother and I would call it. We've both struggled with our skin, likely in part due to genetics but also because we're part of the huge percentage of folks who battle blemishes on a constant basis - especially adults.

The question really begs - what gives. Like for real - what's the deal?

For me it wasn't any one thing. It was my diet but not entirely. It was my skincare products, but not. It was my caffeine habits, but not wholly. It was always most definitely my hormones - but what a monstrous feat to conquer those let alone understand.

That's all changed. And I'm really super happy to share with you what that is.

For starters:

What you cleanse with matters. How the heck do you choose from what's on the store shelves? After years of using and marketing Rodan and Fields skincare products I realized the most effective ingredient in the products I was using was Sulfur. So I synthesized, of sorts, the sulfur from the rest of the ingredients and began using that. That's it. Sulfur soap.


We have to treat the problem once we've cleaned the slate. Mainly the bacteria. However it forms on our skin - you can live the cleanest of lifestyles, eat the cleanest of foods, and bacteria still loves to set up shop on your face. So the answer? Something that will 1. slough away the dead skin layers that keep pores blocked and 2. an ingredient powerful enough to kill and prevent bacteria from growing. As a bonus, some healing ingredients in the serum I've been using are Calendula, Lavender and Goldenseal - all super nourishing herbal solutions that tame irritation.


We have to hydrate. Broken out or not. Hydration is major. If you're not quite sure what kind of moisturizer to use on your skin because of how sensitive you are to breakouts and/or irritation the answer might be in Hyaluronic Acid. Plain and simple. That's it. That's it because that's all it is - not any of the other stuff that causes oily, greasy skin. That's what I love about it.

Lastly - and for the real kicker:

You HAVE TO target your hormones. Black Cohosh did the trick for me - this amazing herb mimics estrogen in the body and if you've ever been pregnant or seen a glowing pregnant woman you know the radiance I'm speaking of. A big issue with breakouts, especially for women, is the plummeting of estrogen during the 2nd half of our cycles paired with the increase in testosterone - a male sex hormone - which all contribute to excess sebum on the skin. More sebum more bacteria more breakouts. Pair this chaos with coffee, sugar and dairy and you've got the perfect storm. Therefore - the crucial step here is to 1. start taking Black Cohosh 3x day 2. trade coffee for tea (I adore matcha!) due to the stress it puts on your adrenal glands - tea is much more nourishing and loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants 3. reduce/eliminate most dairy, especially milk and ice cream and 4. eliminate sugar (replace with stevia, erythritol or monk fruit - THIS ONE is my favorite - for a similar taste and sweetness without the spikes in blood sugar). When in doubt - subscribe to this website and receive updates every time I post a recipe. I keep the KETO diet super simple, do-able and include creative recipes every wave of inspiration I get!

Please enjoy this info-graphic! This is the list of ingredients and products I use on a daily basis to keep my skin clear and blemish free. It truly has kept my skin balanced - even through my menstrual cycle! This was made with love, care and attention to detail and meant to help you on your journey to clearer more refreshed and radiant skin. You're worth it!

To have access to the downloadable PDF version of this info-graphic, select HERE.

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