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Updated: Jan 4

So you love your matcha.

I get it. I love my children and my animals... and my matcha.

Matcha, for me, is more than just a healthy cuppa tea - it took the place of my once (and many times thereafter) cuppa Joe. Every once in a while I accept the challenge of remembering why I gave up coffee a year ago and replaced it with matcha - bc who learns their lesson the first time? That - and a girls’ gonna dream - but every time I end up returning home to this emerald pillow I liken to morning heaven. And I need no return to buzz-land. Not everyone would agree - my brother says matcha tastes like seaweed (and that’s even after drinking the heavily sweetened version from Starbucks) and nothing can compare to the look on my Colombian friend’s face when he tastes it (especially the first time) It was like giving a baby a lemon wedge.

alas! More for me.

When you make your matcha and u like it a certain way you understand there are a few steps to the process. It’s not just water and powder. For me, it’s important that it’s creamy and sweet - however most cafe’s use a matcha mix that is premixed with sugar and no es bueno - not for me.

I decided to premix my matcha so I can have all the component parts in one container and I don’t have to keep reaching into different bags in the mornings. The best part though is that it’s EXCELLENT for travel and certainly for convenience. All you need is hot water/milk and a little wooden stir-rer thingy. You know what I’m talking about. And if you’re really fancy - this handheld bamboo frother is a perfect travel buddy (scroll to see below).

Matcha Mix

1 1/4 cup Lairds Superfood Unsweetened Creamer (it’s made of dehydrated coconut and aquamin which is a unique marine multi-mineral complex that contains bio-active calcium, magnesium, plus 72 trace minerals)

1 cup matcha powder - I use Ito En because it’s economical, vibrant in color and tastes great

3/4 cup So Nourished Erythritol

~ Combine everything in a jar or a large bowl and transfer to a jar and seal. Keep handy On the counter.

When it’s time to prepare:

At a cafe - order 1/2 & 1/2 steamed water to almond milk or milk alternative. In a smaller separate cup whisk 2 Tbsp of your matcha mix in approx 1/4 cup of your steamed milk. Blend or whisk with a spoon or frother and add to the rest of your hot milk. Stir. Sip. Enjoy.

At home - measure 1 cup of water and 1 cup of almond milk or alternative and heat on the stove. Add to your blender. Add 2 Tbsp of your matcha mix and blend in a blender or using your handheld frother. Enjoy!

This is the Aerolatte Frother that is a handy travel buddy for your matcha.

Alternatively - I use this handy whisk that does the job perfectly as well. It's totally up to you however be forewarned - Matcha does not like *metal nor does it like to be *stirred. It can clump and needs lots of motion and little quick strokes which is why these tools are so necessary.

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