Matcha Latté

I love Matcha. Like - if you were my lover you might get jealous...

Matcha was the perfect tall dark and handsome of a man who swept me under my feet after a rather tumultuous bout with the wrong person (aka, coffee). He nourished me, made me feel good, helped me feel calm, soothed my soul and still managed to be a pick me up.

This is how I make it - on the daily - as much as any other method this one is the simplest and in my opinion the best:


1 scoop of matcha powder - I like Ito En - I actually use this old canister from the Matcha DNA I bought a while ago. Their brand was not my fav and the color of their matcha is lackluster, but Ito En is bright and Emerald. Simply gorgeous and for a rather inexpensive matcha powder, it's a winner.

1 scoop of Vital Protein Collagen Peptides

2 mini scoops of stevia

Splash of Milkdamia nut milk - my favorite because it's creamy (not watery like almond milk though I'll use that in a pinch)

Hot water - start with just enough to blend your mix, then add the remaining hot water at the end to fill you cup (as shown in the video).

Add everything to the blender cup of your Cuisinart hand held immersion blender. Or simply add to your traditional blender.

Blend, serve in your FAVORITE mug (this is very important!) then top with hot water until full.

Enjoy xo

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