Meal Prep // Ideas through COVID19

Hey you - here are some meal ideas to keep you nourished, moving and groovin' through this stay at home mandate. I don't think there has ever been a better opportunity in our lifetime to slow down, tap in, tune into what we want and begin the process of attracting more of it. Whatever "that" is.

I'm producing and editing my next vlog on exactly that - stay tuned. This is a visual representation of some meal ideas and foods I've been eating on a regular basis - though I rarely eat the same thing twice considering mixing it up to keep things exciting. Goodness knows we're all craving something bit exciting - no!? Start with your food - since it's what's in your control.

And as a good rule of thumb, 1. start with kindness 2. tune into what your body is asking for 3. go back to kindness 4. execute.

shooooots! (Hawaiian slang for, let's do this!)

How's that for a heavy hand of almond butter? I. AM. NOT. SHY. This smoothie bowl is a combination of frozen banana, blueberry & spinach. Blended with a bit of water (almond milk may have been better but oh well!) and drizzled with lots of almond butter. Creamy. Yummy. Nourishing. A better alternative. Mmm.
Carrots & Guac - a filling simple snack loaded with healthy fats to keep you full. The fat content of the avocado also helps the vitamin and mineral content of the carrots to be better absorbed.
Fruit & Salad = Fruit Salad. Took 3-4 small navel oranges, peeled and cut. 1 chopped apple. 3-4 stalks of celery. 1-2 stalks of kale. 1-2 handfuls of cashews. Mixed and stored in the fridge. Serve with a heavy drizzle of tahini. Yum!
Shaved brussel sprouts with sliced grape tomato, chopped black garlic and dressed with: olive oil, Ume plum vinegar, balsamic, tamari, salt & pepper. Plus roasted sweet potato. Mix and match. Combine with quinoa or any cooked grain or bean dish you like - or top with toasted nuts, a few scoops of canned (rinsed and drained) beans or some pan seared tofu/tempeh.
Reinvent Cereal. Trail Mix Style. Walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, chopped apricots and figs. Eat as is or pour into a bowl and top with cinnamon & almond milk.

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