Updated: Jan 15

This will be quick.

And won't hurt a bit...ok, maybe a little. Or a lot. But it will be worth it.

Healing is multi - faceted.

When we first started hurting - like - long ago when the hurt was mostly unconscious and tucked away because we didn't know better - we figured that if we turned one emotion off that only that one emotion would be forgotten and blocked. "I've moved on," we'd say while simultaneously tipping back a bottle of Jack or making many an excuse for that 3rd glass of wine.

But later we learned that when one emotion goes, all of them go. The good with the bad. The bad with the good. When we pinch ourselves off (ex, making major concessions for other people and things) - we not only numb what we don't want to feel but we also block what feels good from coming in.

Feeling hurt hurts - but only sometimes and often temporarily - and the great joy in feeling is that once we get used to feeling our stuff it gets a hell of a lot easier to accept the warm welcome of those soft pillowy joy-filled emotions that we unconsciously cut ourselves off from whilst trying not to feel what we feared.

Let it hurt - wait - then let it go - and whisper sweet nothings to that little babe inside of you who knows that he/she deserves to feel good, loved & accepted.


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