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Humans are hard wired to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy. Feeling good is not only our birth right but the quickest way to manifestation. So what does it take? Unexplained emotions act like barricades to our well being and create distance between what we want and what we have. Nutrition can help close the gap. Numerous studies document the link between food and mental health and prove dietary patterns contribute to depression. We have so much more control than we think.

By replacing processed carbohydrates and inflammatory foods (omega 6 oils & refined grains) with healthy fats from olive, avocado and coconut oils, nuts, seeds, grass fed meat and wild caught fish as well as low glycemic vegetables and fruits - optimal health can be achieved. We all deserve the kind of nourishment that not only prevents illness but promotes wellness. It's as simple but complex (just like us!) - therefore we need support.

Below is a collection of simple recipes I compile on a regular basis to assist you on your journey. (And from time to time, a personal rant but they're always kept separate). Each post consists of healthy anti-inflammatory fats, quality protein and low glycemic fruits and veggies. I include simple preparation techniques and the benefits of the main ingredients used so you can feel confident in what you are eating and adding to your life - rather than what you are taking away. 

bon appétit xo