something is coming

hi you - I wanted to share quickly something maybe you can anticipate - it's something that's saturating my palate - has been for a while now - haven't quite swallowed - but I'm eager to. To drink this in. To overwhelm. To stand for me. This thing - called Therapeutic Eating - my 3rd baby. The one that took prize and precedence over many things - it was and is the new life I've needed to birth amidst the chaos. Such wild chaos.

I wanted to share some tidbits, a visual teaser, something that maybe you too can salivate over, taste with your imagination, get curious about. If you subscribe or visit here, you're seeing this first. Therapeutic Eating is an end to dieting, a home being furnished, the kindest you coming forth, the steadiness, the ease, the acceptance, the place you finally - after this windy rocky path - feel satisfied. It's not just recipes. That's not what I do. I curate - yes - but so do you and until you accept that you are the driver of how and what you put into your body things will always-kinda-like-never-make-sense. Giving you a list of how-to's doesn't help. This is different and that's the best and most nerve wrecking part for me - because it's also stupid simple - and something I hadn't figured out how to translate it until recently.

Enjoy. Inquire for more because there's more coming. Soon. Really soon. Like...May 22nd soon. with love, k

it's a place you come back to.

after the weddings, the parties...the bad breakups.

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