Tahini Protein Superfood Bites

Repeat after me: Breakfast is awesome.


Let's do this day.

These superfood protein bites have just about 50 grams of protein per serving - that's no joke! And they're #vegan - so if you're doing the vegan Keto thing, these are for you babe. And if not, they're still for you because obtaining protein from plants will always be a thing (just doesn't have to be the *only thing).

Follow along,

In a bowl combine:

30 grams, or 2 scoops (provided) of Naked Pea Protein

1 tsp, or 2 scoops (provided) of Activated Charcoal

2 Tbsp (scoop provided) Chia Seed

1 heaping tsp Spirulina

1/2 tsp (or two packets) Stevia

plus a dash of cinnamon

and a pinch of salt


Once combined add:

3 Tbsp Milkadamia Nut Milk (or milk alternative)

3 Tbsp Tahini

Stir until a thick paste/dough forms. Either pinch off pieces of the dough to form balls or use a small ice cream scooper. Keep in fridge until you're ready to eat them. I often make these the night before and eat them like mini muffins with my Matcha Latte. That's right!

What makes these so awesome?

Firstly and last,

  • They're loaded with #protein - lots and lots of plant based protein from yellow peas and spirulina. Pea protien boasts lots of arginine, iron and branched chain amino acids which contribute to muscle growth. Also keeps you feeling full.

  • They're chock full of fiber (not to mention Omega 3 fatty acids) - go chia!

  • They're beaming with antioxidants and superfoods - anti aging, anti fungal and essential amino acids from spirulina (comparable to eggs)

  • They're replete with detoxifying support from charcoal which helps with digestive and heart health, bloating and has anti-aging properties.

  • Tahini is filled with B vitamins, vitamin E and has more protein than milk and most other nuts. The lignans in sesame seeds also help prevent free radical damage

  • And mostly, they're a stellar replacement for typical baked goods that are loaded with unhealthy fats, flours and sugars. These are unctuous and fun to chew and wash down with warm stimulating tea.

And they taste good so that should be enough right?

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