Aloha and welcome to the Therapeutic Eating service. With your investment you receive the Therapeutic Eating program with an additonal 6 Therapy/Coaching sessions with me.


We will cover your Multigenerational family history, Early Childhood attachment bonds and your personal agnecy and narrative. Hey, we may even cover some cool topics like Spirituality and fun esoteric stuff like Astrology too! It's all connected.  


You will step away from these weeks with more self awareness, clarity and concrete inner guidance all of which contribute to a more expanded sense of self. Best of all your relationship to food and your body will never quite be the same. The closer we come to ourselves, the closer we come to aligning our intentions and actions. Have long held body beliefs, stubborn self talk habits and do you recognize there are barricades and blocks to your success and future "bodylove" habits? This program along with my coaching is designed to change how you see your body and how you nourish it for good. 




Follow this link to schedule your sessions. A hui hou!

Therapeutic Eating + Personalized Coaching


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