"Katie! I got my VIOME results!" ...which might be the coolest, most exciting update I get these days. I'm excited > because you're excited > about being excited > about divorcing, like I did, from diet culture.

My relationship to food, my relationship to my body and thus - my relationship to life all took a massive shift when I realized that one food, one diet, one lifestyle is not meant for all bodies. 

Food has always had metaphorical implications for me which is why I sought clinical training in Family Systems Theory. However, in the end I'm a creator of tasty pretty things and use food as an expression therefore "my therapy" will always begin and end in the kitchen.

VIOME is a company spearheaded by Naveen Jain which sets out to make "Illness a Choice and Food Advice Obsolete." The microbiome and gut health are not new news - we've been pounding probiotics and discussing publicly about leaky guts for a while now. But what we may not know is that dousing our insides with pills full of bacterial strains or fermented cabbage with no understanding of what our own microflora are doing is kind of like slapping on that good ol' figurative bandaid. God we're good at that!

The long and short is that the human body has more bacterial cells than human ones - that's right - and with little grasp of what our own bacteria are doing we are eating blindly (insert _____ diet here). 

Ever wonder why one person can mow a loaf of bread with zero repercussions while you might have a single slice and wake up with 5 new pimples and a muffin top? That's because we're all contending with a different balance of microbiota doing different things requiring different medicine. And since food is our medicine, wouldn't it be nice to know that you're taking what helps, rather than hinders, your gut health (which IS your health)? 

70% of your body's immunity and 90% of your mental health rely on your GUT - your 2nd brain - and I believe, now, more than ever, it's HIGH TIME we put aside the food advice and begin treating ourselves like the unique bodies that we are ~ this is true peace of mind ~

I speak at length about my personal experience with VIOME on my blog (check the last 4-5 posts) and tell you why I'm passionate, what I discovered with my own viome results and what I'm doing now. You know I've always been motivated by health - but more than anything I've been motivated by TRUTH and I was tired (so tired!) of being a recipient of false misguided information. 

VIOME has been key to my: 

1. feeling empowered about my food decisions 

2. my energy 

3. the look/appearance of my skin and 

4. how I age


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